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Traditional floar footwear

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Indian women are often seen wearing the traditional dress called a sari. The sari is a type of long, cloth robe worn by women in the Indian subcontinent. A woman typically wears a sari with no petticoat or undergarments. The sari is worn with a blouse and it is secured at the waist with a short length of fabric, called a petticoat. However, this does not mean that women are not able to wear fashionable footwear. The Fashinable pop jutti for women is a traditional sandal that is often worn by Indian women as an alternative to the sari. This sandal can be worn as an alternative to the sari as it is traditionally worn. It is usually worn by women with a dress or a sari. The Fashinable pop jutti for women is designed with a base made of wood, with a top made of cloth. The sandal is closed by a strap that goes around the ankle and is secured by a buckle. It has a shape that resembles a block, and is made from various materials such as plastic, cloth, and metal.
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